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How do I go about junking my car?
You can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up by call (716) 578-2266 OR email us at: WWW.BUFFALOJUNKCARS.COM

What is the cost of your service?
This is a free service. You are not charged for the vehicle removal or tow and we pay CA$H on the spot, up to $500.00!

How long does it take to get my vehicle towed away?
In most cases only 1-hour.

Do I need the title to junk my car?
NO....we can take the vehicle with just a copy of your drivers license, registration and insurance cards.

Do I get a tax deduction?
BUFFALOJUNKCARS.COM provides fast and efficient removal of your junk car at no cost to you, but is not a charity.

I have vehicles abandoned on my property. Can you remove them?
We can remove most vehicles, including those that are abandoned on your property.

I work and can not be there when the vehicle is removed. Can you still remove my junk car?
Yes, If you can not be present at the removal time, special arrangements can be made with our towing service.

I moved and the vehicle is at my old address. Can you still remove my junk car?
Yes, we can remove a vehicles from a different location.

My driveway looks like a used car lot. Can you remove more than one vehicle?
If you have more than one vehicle we still would be able to remove them.

My vehicle has unpaid parking tickets. Can I still have you remove it?
You may junk your vehicle if you have unpaid parking tickets. You are still responsible for paying the parking tickets.

What if my car was in an accident?
We still take vehicles which were in accidents.

What do you do with my car after you take it?
We utilize modern tools and equipment to process and scrap the car in an environmentally responsible manner, renewing resources through scrap processing.

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